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Nuclepore 691208
Nuclepore 691208 water filter, QMC 20 INCH, 3.OUM PP..
Vokes Polyfil P01S1HA Filter 1.0 Micron
Vokes Polyfil dual filter arrangement on one shaft Pleated paper filter in plastic cage ..
Schaffner FN2060-3-06
Schaffner FN2060-3-06 power filter, 250 VAC Maximum Operating Voltage at 50/60 Hz, ..
Nuclepore 706012
Nuclepore 706012 water filter. rated for 5 um 10" long ..
Gelman 12767 Acroflow cartridge
Gelman 12767 acroflow SR 0.2UM 24, 9 cm SOE..
Nuclepore 706008
Nuclepore 706008 water filter. coax type rated for 3 micrometer (3um) 70 mm d..
Schaffner FN2060-10-06
Schaffner FN2060-10-06 power filter, 250 VAC Maximum Operating Voltage at 50/60 Hz, DC to 400 Hz ..
Cold Technology NXA 1-10U-M3E Filter (New)
Cold Technology (now Pall) 1-10U-M3E filter water filter. coax type 65 mm diameter ..
Filterite QMPT 010-100US-M8
Filterite filter cartridgeilter Pleated paper filter in plastic cage 65 mm OD of pl..
Ametek CBC-20 Water Filter
Ametek CBC-20 Water Filter: Nominal 0.5 micron Carbon Briquette Taste,Odor, Sediment Water Filter Ca..
Hydac 0240D005BN3HC
HYDAC 0240D005BN3HC filter element, new in original packaging ..
Pall R2F400 Filter
Pall R2F400 Water Filter, Length 20..
Pall EMFLON II TDSLK2V002PV, 0.2 Micrometer Water Filter..
Millipore CDVI OSI S3
Millipore CDVI OSI S3, set of three water filter, in one box...
Pall ULTIPLEAT PFY2UY045J filter for fluids. 61 mm OD (measured with calipers lengt..