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Emerson K33MYBTW-797
Emerson K33MYBTW-797 single phase motor Part #: SK6405-14-2 115 Volt, 2.5A, 60 Hz ..
Indur US302 gear motor 14.18:1 ratio, 18
Indur US-302 Gear reducer with 3-phase AC motor, 60 W, Motor type S63C4MB657, 120 W, max ..
Indur US-363 gear motor, 101:1 ratio, 18 N
Indur US-363 Gear reducer with 3-phase AC motor, 60 W, Motor type S56C4, 60 W, max output..
Panasonic M8IA25G4W with M8GB18MTA
Matsushita Panasonic M8IA25G4W electric motor with gear M8GB18MTA. 220V 50HZ 0.26A 1250r/min, 220..
Emerson K33MYCZS-1259
Emerson single phase AC Motor Type: K33MYCZS-1259 Emerson Part #: SK6405-14-2, ..
Dayton 4LL09
Dayton 4LL09 AC Gearmotor. ..
Servotronic AG 630.2.60B
Servotronic AG 630.2.60B AC Servomotor. ..
Sanyo Denki P50B05010DXX4ZE
Sanyo Denki P50B05010DXX4ZE AC Servomotor BL Super P5. 100W AC200 1.1A ..
Oriental Motor M315-001
Oriental Speed Control Motor M315-001 Power rating: 15 W Input 100 V 50/60 Hz. ..
Duff Norton SK-6405-14-2 AC Motor
Single phase AC motor 115 V, 60 Hz, 1.8A Incorporates 30 µF 370VAC capacitor ..
Carpanelli MA80B4 CC.2 Motor, NEW
3-phase AC Motor, 1-1.2 hp type:Carpanelli MA80B4 CC.2, No.: E0191475 requires 3-ph..
Bodine Electric 34R4BFCI-Z2 Gearmotor
Bodine Electric 34R4BFCI-Z2 Gearmotor. 115 Volts ..
Eastern Motion 5RK40GN-C PY1 5GN30K Y1
Eastern Motion ETM 5RK40GN-C PY1 Induction Motor 40W, 220V, 50/60 Hz, 0.5A, 3.5uF, 1200~1..
Oriental Motor 2IK6GN-AW with 2GN9KA Gear
Oriental Motor 2IK6GN-AW Induction motor with 2GN9KA Gear head. New without box/old stock and..
Sterling Slo Speed, 1/2 hp, 30 rpm
3-phase AC motor with gear reducer Series: Sterling Slo Speed Type: G6863-02 ..