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Faz G4A Circuit Breaker
Faz G4A Circuit Breaker 220/380ac ..
Lutze ST3/S 800 672
Lutze ST3/S 800 672 Recepticle for German style plug CEE 7/4 and French style plug CEE 7/7 rated ..
Phoenix Contact EMG 45-SD-D/LA
Phoenix Contact EMG 45-SD-D/LA Socket, Un: 250V AC/DC, In: 10A DC/ 16A AC ..
Phoenix Contact 1680050
Sensor interface box with 8 input plugs for 3 wires per plug. Cable length: 2" or 18-48" ..
Telemecanique indicator light button
Telemecanique indicator light button Illuminated button (white, yellow, green, red - we w..
Telemecanique Lighted switch Z..BW06
Telemecanique momentary switch assembly, consisting off: Illuminated button (white, yello..
Gould Shawmut TRS60R ( Lot of 5 fuses)
Time delay fuse for 60 A. 600 VAC. Class RK5, interrupt rating 200A. Lot of 5 fuses. All fuses we..
Fulham Work Horse WH5-230-L-SR
Solid state electronic ballast for lighting fixtures. Made in USA. ..
Allen-Bradley 1492-SP3C320
Allen-Bradley 1492-SP3C320 Allen Bradley catalog number: 1492-SP Rated for 32 ..
Telemecanique ZB2-BZ105 (New)
Telemecanique ZB2-BZ105 mounbting base with 2 contacts ZB2-BE101 ZB2-BE102 Wi..
National / Matsushita AS10212
Solenoid for 100 VAC Type National AS10212 Force: 3 kg Stroke: 20 mm Ma..
Fuji Electric RBJ16T-03
Fuji Electric RBJ16T-03 Made in Japan ..
Weidmuller SMSI UC 25A-U
Ub= 24 V AC/DC, Weidmuller part number 802745 ..
SIEMENS 3SE3 243-0XX40
SIEMENS 3SE3 243-0XX40 INTERLOCK - SIDE ENTRY DIN VDE 0660T200 IEC 60947-5-1 ..
Allen Bradley 800EM-HM22 (New)
Allen-Bradley Maintained Selector switch (Wahltaste mit Arretierung) Type 800EM-HM22 ..