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Merlin Gerin 15310 recepticle 250V / 16 A
Merlin Gerin 15310 Recepticle Merlin Gerin for German style plug CEE 7/4 and French style..
Hager 564016 or 56010
Hager electric receptible SN 016 or SN 010 For German style plug CEE 7/4 and French..
ABB M1173 recepticle 250V / 16 A
ABB M 1173 Recepticle for German style plug CEE 7/4 and French style plug CEE 7/7 R..
Contact-Harting-Wieland 6-wire connector
Heavy duty cable connector, male side. cast aluminum housing housing dimensions: 52..
Siemens 3RK1200-0CQ00-0AA3 (New)
Siemens 3RK1200-0CQ00-0AA3 Kompaktmodul. New with box/ old stock. ..
Murr Elektronic 7000-40021-2340100 (New)
Murr Elektronic 7000-40021-2340100, Cable connector M12 male striaght to M12 female strai..
Cable for Fusion UV, 3-pin, 45-feet
Cable for Fusion UV Curing System 3-pin male cable plug plus 3-pin female cable plug ..
Contact HC-B6 + H-B6 Ag
Heavy duty cable connector, male and female side, 6 wires, up to 400 Volt / 16 Amp per wire ..
Cable set for Infranor BLS-055
Cable set for Infranor servo motor BLS-055 2 cables, each approximately 300 cm (10-feet) ..
Netstal 241.020.0040
Netstal 241.020.0040 ..
Wieland 70.200.0653
Wieland heavy duty cable connector, bottom unit Cast aluminum housing Base dimensio..
Fusion UV Systems, 22-pin cable, 11 feet
Cable for Fusion UV system Cable length: over 11 feet (= 330 cm) Complete with male..
Lumberg ASB 2-RKWT/LED A4-3-90/2 M S723
Cable, approx 2m long (79"), connecting 4-pin female plug with 4-pin male plug. ..
Phoenix Contact FRONT SFL 2,5/D32
Phoenix Contact FRONT SFL 2,5/D32 Terminal Block. 250V 2.5 mm2 Phoenix part n..
Weidmuller HDC-HA-3SS + HDC-HA-3BS
Weidmuller 3-phase cable connector , consisting of male plug HDC-HA-3SS outer shell..