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Iwaki 30SHT 68 Ohm
Iwaki ceramic resistor 68 Ohm (measured) 75 mm long Complete with metal holde..
Frizlen FZM 200X35 Resistor 100Ω 150W
Frizlen FZM 200X35 Wirewound Tubular Fixed Resistor. 100Ω 150W ..
Clarostat VP-25-K, 50 Ohm (New)
Clarostat VP-25-K wire wound resistor Capacity: 25 Watt Rating: 50 Ohm Part i..
Iwaki 70SLB 75ΩK Resistor
Iwaki 70SLB 75ΩK Resistor Tested and cleaned Net weight: 5.2 oz Made in Japa..
M CGS 6SE3290-0DB87-2RA0 Break Resistor
Break Resistor Siemens part number: 6SE3290-0DB87-2RA0 Meggitt part number R4352 ..
ZWS 15E Wirewound cemented resistor
ZWS 15E Wirewound cemented resistor Rated Dissipation: 15 W Resistance: 0.68 Ω to ..
Micron 63 Industrial Resistor Also marked with 40H Rated rsistance: 100 Ohm (measur..