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Pilz PNOZ 24VDC 3S
Pilz 17753 Safety Relay PNOZ 24VDC 3S 10 Coil: 24VDC, 3.5W Switches: 250/400VAC, 8/5A, 2000VA. ..
Turck MK73-R2224 VUC
Turck MK73-R22 ELECTRICAL RELAY. The MK73-R22 electrical relays are used to switch intrin..
Siemens 3TH4346-0B
Siemens 3TH4346-0B ..
Lovato BF25 with Lovato RF25.15
Lovato BF25 with Lovato RF25.15..
Gordos IDC24
Gordos IDC24 with Phoenix Contact UMK-SE 11,25..
Elan SRB-NA-R-C Safety Relay 24VDC (New)
Elan SRB-NA-R-C 24 VDC Safety relay Requires 24 VDC Mounts on 35 mm DIN rail ..
Crydom H12WD4890-5727 Solid State Relay
Crydom H12WD4890-5727 Solid State Relay. Input: 5-32VDC Will switch up to 480 V, 90..
Omron MY2N-D2 Relay 24 VDC with Base
Omron MY2N-D2 Relay, Coil voltage: 24 VDC Complete with base. Mounts on 35 mm..
Phoenix Contact EM 1-REL/KSR-24/21-21
Phoenix Contact EM 1-REL/KSR-24/21-21 Relay Module Feme MZP A 002 49 05, 32.5 VDC, no cover. ..
Telemecanique LC1 D1210
Telemecanique LC1 D1210 10..
Siemens 3VE1010-8H
Siemens 3VE1010-8H, 2-3.2A, 38 A. This part is not cracked. There was just like a piece of thread w..
Klockner Moeller DIL ER-40-GI
Klockner Moeller DIL ER-40-GI ..
Allen-Bradley 100-C16*00 with 100-N
Allen-Bradley 3-phase circuit breaker type 100-C16*00 230 VAC coil voltage Co..
Siemens 3TH2022-0BB4
Siemens 3TH2022-0BB4, Coil Voltage: 24 VDC Mounts on 35 mm DIN rail Width on ..
Opto 22 480D15-12
Opto 22 480D15-12 Solid State Relay, 3-32VDC Control ..