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ODME Mk4, Mk4S central handling arm
light weight handling arm for central handling system of ODME Mk4 and Mk4S CD replication line. ..
Spacer rod 174 mm, 17 mm hex, threaded (2p
Spacer rod Material: Steel, magnetic Length: 174 mm Diameter: 17 mm hexagonal..
Gima 811 spare parts package
Spare parts package for Gima CD/DVD packaging machines, mostly Gima 811 family. Most parts ar..
Paulstra 3.5" leveling feet (Lot of 4
Paulstra leveling feet, anti vribration pad estimated capacity 600 pounds, stainles..
 Mollerbalg 41508040410 fan fold bellows
Möllerbalg 41508040410 Fan fold bellows to protect work area from dust particles generat..
Takigen A-183-2 Panel Handle (Lot of 2)
Heavy Duty drawer / panel handle Type: Takigen A-183-2 2 piece construction, metal ..
Goulds 10K97 Mechanical Seal Assembly (New
Mechanical seal assembly kit for Goulds pumps. Made in USA ..
Pick + Place Assembly 57 mm, 135 degrees
Pick and Place Assembly, Pneumatic up/down movement with 57 mm max stroke Pneumatic..
Adjusting bolt, 1/2", 3 5/8", al
Adjusting bolt / Sensor holder Material: Aluminum Diameter: 1/2" Length of bo..
Telescopic shaft extension w. 2 cardan joi
Telescopic shaft extension Complete with 2 cardan joints Side A: 15 mm male couplin..
Lenze 14.800.06.11.6
Lenze 14.800.06.11.6 electro mechanical clutch- ranke unit Typ: 14.800.06.11.6 requ..
Raccords Gautier 1827 SR3D
Raccords Gautier 1827 SR3D Rotary fitting OD: 64 mm ID: 21.5 mm Height ..
Adjustment knob
Machine adjustment knob, reticulated Knob diameter: 40.6 mm = 1.6" Length of knob: ..
Linear Fine Positioning Assembly
Linear Fine Positioning Assembly Knob diameter: 19.4 mm Thread size: M8x1.25 Th..
Ringfeder Locking Assembly 32x60 (New)
Ringfeder (mechanical coupling / locking assembly) Outer Diameter: 60 mm Inner Diam..