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ATEK V 090 1:1 VA/VH
ATEK V 090 1:1 VA/VH GEARBOX. New, surplus...
Oriental Motor 2GN5K Gearhead
Oriental Motor 2GN5K Gearhead. Item(s) is/are in excellent condition, came from a pr..
Oriental Motor 5GN15K Gearhead
Oriental Motor 5GN15K Gearhead Complete with mounting hardware Made in Japan ..
Carpanelli / STM 10:1 gear motor, 25 mm sh
Motor and right angle worm gear reducer Gear Manufacturer: STM, Bologna Italy Gear ..
Sandex 9AD-06277R-LR3VW1/X index assembly
Sandex 9AD-06277R-LR3VW1/X index assembly, consisting of:  Sandex 8 position indexer..
Lenze G500B Gearbox, 3 hp, 117 rpm, NEW
Lenze Bevel Gear Box, Lenze series designation G500-B24 Complete with 3-phase motor..
Tecnoingranaggi BGT600 1-3-15
Gear reducer type BGT 600 stadi. 1 rap. 3. gioco 15' 9. 20. SK. 40. 63. M4 Ma..
Bonfiglioli MAS16/P gear reducer  (New)
Bonfiglioli gear reducer: Type MAS16/P Code: 210310121 Made in Italy Pa..
Poggi Gearbox A2008R1 1012
Poggi Gearbox T-style bevel gear All shafts move in unison, 1:1 ratio Bottom gears ..
Festo ST-270A 6-position indexer
Festo ST-270 A 6-position pneumatic indexer Nr. 20853 Net weight: 84 lbs Dime..
Sankyo Sandex 2 position index system
2-position mechanical indexer, complete system, comprising of: Sankyo Sandex gear indexer..
Lenze GKR03-2N HAR XA (New)
Lenze 2-Stage bevel gearbox, size 3 Type: GKR03-2N HAR XA Output speed: 307.7 rpm (..
Tol-O-Matic 326042001 right angle drive
Right angle gear drive Type: Tol-O-Matic 326042 Input / output inner diameter: 1.24..
Bonfiglioli RAN 20/SB HS
Bonfiglioli right angle gear reducer type: Type RAN 20/SB HS Code: 127220030 ..
STM RI 28 F0 gear reducer15:1
STM RMI 40 S Gear Reducer. 1/15 Gear Ratio input shaft diameter: 9 mm Output ..