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Oriental Motor 5GN15K Gearhead
Oriental Motor 5GN15K Gearhead Complete with mounting hardware Made in Japan ..
ATEK V 090 1:1 VA/VH
ATEK V 090 1:1 VA/VH GEARBOX. New, surplus...
Oriental Motor 2GN5K Gearhead
Oriental Motor 2GN5K Gearhead. Item(s) is/are in excellent condition, came from a pr..
Sankyo Sandex 2.8 D 04277R-LM3VW1/X
Mechanical Indexer / gearbox 2 position indexer (180 degree steps). dimensions (inc..
Groschopp IGK 80-60 / WK1781401 w. 5:1 gea
Groschopp 3-phase or 1-phase motor type: IGK 80-60 Groschopp part number: WK1781401 ..
Hub City Spartan AL635-19/1-A-143TC (New)
Spartan gear reducer Worm gear, with cast aluminum housing Model: Al-635-19/1-A-143..
Weiss TC150-06
Index table made by Weiss GmbH with 6 positions type TC150--06. 6 dwell points per revolu..
Sankyo Sandex 2 position index system
2-position mechanical indexer, complete system, comprising of: Sankyo Sandex gear indexer..
Sew-Eurodrive WA20DT71C4 Gearmotor
Sew-Eurodrive WA20DT71C4 Gear Motor. No.: 01.3332301101.0005.02 Rpm: 1720/23.0 ..
Stober C402N0125D112M4 Gearmotor 140 Rpm
Stober Gear motor combination, 4 KW, 114/140 rpm, 323 Nm Motor: B21R112M4 4 KW ..
Sandex 8DU-04092R-L3A1, 4 position
4- position gear indexer Straight shaft pass through 4:1 gear ratio with 4 dwell po..
Weiss TC150-12
Index table made by Weiss GmbH with 12 positions type TC150--12. Indexer serial number 21..
VGM MF090L2-20-14-70 gear reducer
Gear reducer by Vigor Gear Mechanism Co. Ltd Gear ratio: 20:1 Input shaft diameter ..
Siti MI 40 FP ZI gear reducer 7.5:1
Siti gear speed reducer type (tipo) MI-40-FP-ZI N DY/16 ratio: 7.5:1 Mo..
ZZ Gear Indexer X139-1085-004-T
Gear indexer type ZZ-12 Manufactured by ZZ Antriebstechnik GmbH in Karlsruhe, Germany ..