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Siemens 6ES5 306-7LA11
Siemens Simatic S5 IM306 / 6ES5 306-7LA11 Interface Module. Made in Germany ..
Siemens 6ES5 316-8MA12
Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 316-8MA12 INTERFACE MODULE ..
Siemens 6ES5 318-8MB12
Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 318-8MB12 ET200U module Made in Germany ..
Siemens IM 305 Simatic S5 6ES5 305-7LB11
Siemens Simatic S5 6ES5 305-7LB11 Interface Module IM 305. ..
Siemens 6ES5 318-8MB13
Siemens 6ES5 318-8MB13 ET200U Interface Module, Sinec L2-DP, Profibus DP. Input..
Siemens Simatic 6ES5 308-3UA12
Siemens Simatic 6ES5 308-3UA12 Serial Interface, complete with ADAPTION casing Siemens Simatic S5 6E..
 Motan SB10M151 receiver junct. box
Motan Loader / Receiver junction box for material drying and conveying system. Model: SB1..
Total Control Motan QPJ2D100L2P
Total Control QPJ2D100L2P/ Motan/ Operator Interface Terminal ..
PC-LabCard PCL-743 RS-422/485
PC-LabCard PCL-743 RS-422/485 REV.A1 Interface Card. Card is new / never used in original packagi..
PCL-841 Rev. A1 card
PCL841 Rev. A1 isolated can communication card ..
Phoenix Contact FLK 20
Phoenix Contact FLK 20..
Siemens 6ES5 305-7LA11 Interface Module
Siemens Simatic S5, IM 305 6ES5 305-7LA11 Interface Module. Made in Germany. ..
Phoenix Contact FLKM-D 25
Phoenix Contact FLKM-D 25 Interface module. ..
Weidmuller 27/9907307 Interface Board
Weidmuller 27/9907307 Interface Board. Mounts on standard 35 mm rail Width on rail:..
Keyence MT-100
Keyence MT-100 Operator interface panel with digital display. Requires 24 VDC Made ..