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Barnant 400-1901 Diaphragm (New)
Diaphragm for Barnant pump 400-1901 Barnant part number D-2151 Part is new / never ..
MKS/HPS Vacuum flange KF25 (New)
MKS/HPS Vacuum flange KF25 on one end, wall mount with 6 holes and vented O-ring slot on ..
Vacuum Bellows 31 / 51 mm x 55 mm high
UHV Vacuum bellows Previously installed on Unaxis / Balzer sputter metalizer for CD/DVD m..
Cold trap for LN2, ISO 250, 178 mm high
Custom built cold trap for LN2 Flange size(s): 2 x ISO 250 Flange OD: 334 mm ..
Orion Dry Pump KD1500 301
Orion dry pump type KD1500 301 manufactured by Orion machinery Co. Ltd. complete wi..
Hi-Vacuum Feedthrough, 2" ID, NEW
High Vacuum Flange / Rotary feedthrough Rotary Design ID: 2" OD: 7" on vessel..
fast clamp for vacuum applications DN 25 KF Pfeiffer part number PF 101 025-T ..
ISO 100 Stainless Elbow Vac.Fitting, NEW
High vacuum flange 90 degree angle Flange Size: ISO100 Lip for clamps on back..
Pfeiffer Balzers PM Z01 021 A
Dual fans (2 connected units - can be separated) to cool bearings on TPH and TPU style Pfeiffer B..
Inficon VAM 005-X 250-006 coil and plug
Inficon VAM 005-X 250-006 coil and plug ID: 13 mm Coil Voltage: 24 VDC Power ..
Pfeiffer Balzers PM Z01 105 Vent valve
Pfeiffer Balzers PM Z01 105 Vacuum vent valve Type TSF 012 ..
Kurt Lesker PGV100 position indicator
Kurt Lesker PGV100 position indicator Complete with 2 micro switches to indication open a..
Pfeiffer Balzers TTV 001
Molecular sieve trap for ultra high vacuum applications ..
Leybold AF 10
Leybold AF10 air filter unit Catalogue number 19051 KF connection flange, 24 mm ID,..
Pfeiffer solenoid coil SF 012, 42 VDC
Solenoid coil for Pfeiffer Balzers vacuum equipment application Type SF 012 Coil co..