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Lanco 1154.04
Hamlin 59135-020 Magnetic Switch for Hopper Loader. ..
Alco RS-11 (Lot of 2)
Alco RS-11 magentic switch. Made in Japan 1 lot = 2 pieces ..
Honeywell 40FY26-33 Micro Switch (New)
Honeywell 40FY26-33 Micro Switch, Part is new, never used. Made in USA. ..
Lanco 1105.04
Steinecker 819/1-A013 Magnetic Switch. ..
Tochigiya TL-303-1
Magnetic catch Limit switch Tochigiya TL-303-1 250 VAC, 5A Made in Japan ..
Honeywell 41FY1 Micro Switch (New)
Honeywell 41FY1 Micro Switch, Part is new, never used. Made in USA. ..
Fuji SRC 3631-5-1/X
Fuji SRC 3631-5-1/X Magnetic Switch ..
Nais AZC11013H magnetic switch
Magnetic catch Limit switch Nais AZC11013H 250 VAC, 5A Complete with over 40"..
Sunx SS-A5
Sunx SS-A5 Photoelectric Sensor. Mounts on 35 mm DIN Rail Width on rail: 12 mm ..
Banner Omni-Beam OSBFX, NEW
Banner Omni-Beam OSBFX Modular Self Contained Photoelectric Sensor. Banner Part Number 27..
V7BHP-12 Amplifier for STM Micro Sensors PNP output, M8 connector. Binder 719 sensor co..
C+K MPS45WGW Reed Switch (New)
C+K MPS45WGW Reed Switch Magnetic Proximity Sensor Dimensions: 27.94 x 12.7 x 6.98 ..
Sunx SS-A5, NEW
Sunx SS-A5 Photoelectric Sensor. New (surplus) with instructions manual ..
SMC D-C73C autoswitches (Lot of 2)
SMC D-C73C autoswitches, Complete with ring holders for round cylinders Complete wi..
Balluff magnetic door switch, 10-30 VDC
Balluff magnetic door switch Requires 10-30 VDC, max 100 mA Exact type could not be..