Pepperl+ Fuchs LCR01-1,9-0.5-WC0, NEW

Manufacturer:Pepperl +Fuchs
Part Number:LCR01-1,9-0.5-WC0
Item Number:US-025-T4.111
Location:Fitchburg, MA
Weight:0.30 lb
In Stock:3

Fiber Optic Cable

  • Type: Pepperl+ Fuchs LCR01-1,9-0.5-WC0
  • Sender / receiver combined in head of 7 mm diameter. 
  • Sensor looks at 90 degree angle, perpendicular to the orientation of the sensor head.
  • Sender and receiver with head of 2.9 mm diameter stepped up to 4.1 mm
  • Part is new / never used
  • Made in Germany

Product is also sold under the name of Docotec Gmbh, a small company located in Germany.

Link to photos on Ebay: Pepperl+ Fuchs LCR01-1,9-0.5-WC0 Fiber Optic Cable | eBay


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