Sankyo Sandex 10FN-85999R-S2VW1/X

Part Number:10FN-85999R-S2VW1/X
Item Number:US-026-E006
Location:Fitchburg, MA
Weight:67.00 lb
In Stock:2

Sankyo Sandex 10FN-89999R-S2VW1/X oscillating indexer

Sequence of motions for 1 rotation of input shaft

  1. Output shaft raised by 30 mm

  2. Index by 22.5 degree clockwise

  3. Dwell

  4. Index 22.5 degree clockwise

  5. Lower 30 mm and immediately raise again

  6. Index 45 degree counterclockwise

  7. Lower by 30 mm and immediately raise again (= step 1)

  • Dimensions of body, excluding shafts: 245 mm long x 110 mm wide x 180 mm high.

  • Output shaft diameter: 20 mm

  • Input shaft: 17 mm diameter, keyed

  • Unit was previously used as a high speed pick and place device

  • Net weight: 57.5 lb

  • Made in Japan



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