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Panasonic M8IA25G4W with M8GB18MTA
Matsushita Panasonic M8IA25G4W electric motor with gear M8GB18MTA. 220V 50HZ 0.26A 1250r/min, 220..
Emerson K33MYBTW-797
Emerson K33MYBTW-797 single phase motor Part #: SK6405-14-2 115 Volt, 2.5A, 60 Hz ..
Emerson K33MYCZS-1259
Emerson single phase AC Motor Type: K33MYCZS-1259 Emerson Part #: SK6405-14-2, ..
Indur US-363 gear motor, 101:1 ratio, 18 N
Indur US-363 Gear reducer with 3-phase AC motor, 60 W, Motor type S56C4, 60 W, max output..
Indur US302 gear motor 14.18:1 ratio, 18
Indur US-302 Gear reducer with 3-phase AC motor, 60 W, Motor type S63C4MB657, 120 W, max ..
Dayton 4LL09
Dayton 4LL09 AC Gearmotor. ..
Dayton 4Z142
Dayton 4Z142 Permanent Magnet AC Motor ..
Omron R7M-A10030-S1 Smartstep A Series
Omron Smartstep A series a.c. servo motor R7M-A10030-S1. Lightly used with box and documentat..
Von Weise Gear Motor 1/10 hp, 19:1 (New)
Von Weise gear motor Type: V05457AC76 Single phase, 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz Power r..
Georgii Kobold KOD 568-1B MB/G/S2/S19/S194
Georgii Kobold KOD 568-1B MB/G/S2/S19/S194/SB/X 3 Ph 50 / 60 Hz 0.26 Hp at 50..
Ashland D118TAU-1Z AC motor 115 V, 1-phase
AC motor manufactured by Ashland Electric Products Inc. Pt.No.: 58100004-01 Cat.No...
Lenze Gearmotor 0.37KW 56 rpm DERAXX 07132
Lenze gear motor, 0.37 KW, 56 rpm 3-phase motor type DERAXX 071-32 for 50 or 60 Hz electr..
Sanyo Denki P50B05010DXX4ZE with PS60-030
Sanyo Denki Servo Motor BL Super P5. Model P50B05010DXX4ZE with Bayside gearhead. Sanyo Denki..
Dayton 6K578C Jet Pump Motor (New)
Dayton jet pump motor 1/3 hp 3450 rpm 115 Volts, 60 Hz, 7 A item is new..
Oriental Motor 2IK6GN-AW with 2GN9KA Gear
Oriental Motor 2IK6GN-AW Induction motor with 2GN9KA Gear head. New without box/old stock and..