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Numatics M10SA400M
Numatics Mini air valve, 24 VDC, 1.8 Watts. Complete with gaskett and mounting screws. ..
Asco SC8262G202E Solenoid Valve 1/4"
Asco Red-Hat II SC8262G202E General Service Solenoid Valve. 1/4" Pipe 180 Air, Iner..
CNE MA6-V5 24V Solenoid Connector Cable
CNE MA6-V5 24V Solenoid Connector Cable Connector with LED. Operating Voltage: 24 V..
Festo CPV-14-M1H-2X3GLS-1/8 161362 (New)
Festo CPV-14-M1H-2X3GLS-1/8 Solenoid Valve. ..
Festo JMFH-5-1/8 8820 with 2 solenoids
Festo JMFH-5-1/8 Tiger Classic series valve #8820 5/2 way G1/8 female..
Festo MYH-5/2-2,3-L-LED 34303
Festo airvalve, 24 VDC, 2-pin connector. Festo part 34303 without gasket and mounti..
Festo manifold with 3 x MYH-3-2,3-L-LED
Festo valve manifold PRMY-5-1/8-3 (Festo part 34335) complete with 3 x MYH-3-2,3-L-LED (Festo..
Koganei  2145 10 mm solenoid F10T2-CPL3
10 mm wide solenoid valve type Koganei 2145 requires 24 V DC complete with gasket a..
Kuhnke SP747.0106 Air flow valve
Kuhnke SP747.0106 Air flow valve. All metal construction. body measures 20 mm x 22 ..
MAC Valves 914B-PM-591BAAD
MAC Valves 914B-PM-591BAAD Pilot valve operated solenoid valve Includes PME-591-BAA..
Parker B5G1BB549C
Solenoid airvalve Type: Parker B5G1BB549C Width: 30 mm Coil voltage 24 VDC ..
Manual airvalve, on/off. Aluminum body. ..
SMC NVKF333V-5G-01T (New)
SMC NVKF333V-5G-01T, Complete with mounting screws Valve width: 18 mm NEW ..
SMC SY3245-5FU (New)
SMC SY3245-5FU dual valve assembly. New without box/ old stock and has signs of storage wear...
SMC VQ1101N-5 (NEW)
Solenoid valve type VQ1101N-5, 10 mm wide, 0.1-0.7MPa with 2-wire or 3-wire connector. New pa..