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 Turck BIM-PST-AP6X (2 pcs joint in one pl
2 x Turck BIM-PST-AP6X Magnetic Switches joint in one plug. Used on round pneumatic ..
Honeywell 41FY1 Micro Switch (New)
Honeywell 41FY1 Micro Switch, Part is new, never used. Made in USA. ..
V7BHP-12 Amplifier for STM Micro Sensors PNP output, M8 connector. Binder 719 sensor co..
Alco RS-11 (Lot of 2)
Alco RS-11 magentic switch. Made in Japan 1 lot = 2 pieces ..
IFM Eftector MK5100 MKT3000-BPKG (New)
IFM Eftector MK5100 MKT3000-BPKG Magnetic Proximity Switches. Item is NEW in original pac..
STM V9/S77-BP-19 (New)
V9/S77-BP-19 Amplifier for STM Micro Sensors PNP or NPN output, M8 connector. Requi..
Balluff magnetic door switch, 10-30 VDC
Balluff magnetic door switch Requires 10-30 VDC, max 100 mA Exact type could not be..
Lanco 1105.04
Steinecker 819/1-A013 Magnetic Switch. ..
Sunx SS-A5
Sunx SS-A5 Photoelectric Sensor. Mounts on 35 mm DIN Rail Width on rail: 12 mm ..
Banner Omni-Beam OSBFX, NEW
Banner Omni-Beam OSBFX Modular Self Contained Photoelectric Sensor. Banner Part Number 27..
Lanco 1154.04
Hamlin 59135-020 Magnetic Switch for Hopper Loader. ..
Sunx SS-A5, NEW
Sunx SS-A5 Photoelectric Sensor. New (surplus) with instructions manual ..
C+K MPS45WGW Reed Switch (New)
C+K MPS45WGW Reed Switch Magnetic Proximity Sensor Dimensions: 27.94 x 12.7 x 6.98 ..
Magnetic Door Safety Switches / Catches
Magnetic Door Safety Switches / Catches Made by unknown manufacturer in Japan Previ..
Tochigiya TL-303-1
Magnetic catch Limit switch Tochigiya TL-303-1 250 VAC, 5A Made in Japan ..